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Machine Manufacturing: Features
Machine Manufacturing: Features
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Computer Numerically Controlled Machines

When a part requires high precision, has complex features, or the customer needs a large quantity of parts, CNC machines are a must.
Nolans has multiple CNC lathes and 4-axis milling machines ready to make high quality parts.


For quick single-part jobs, the use of traditional (manual) machinery is a more cost-efficient solution compared to using CNC machines.

At Nolans, we have a large variety of manual mills, lathes, grinders, and honing machines.

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Machine Manufacturing: Features
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Electrical Discharge Machining

Ram EDM uses an electrode to discharge electricity on a metallic part to remove material from that part. 

Advantages of using a Ram EDM machine:

  • Abillity to remove extremely hard material with little tool wear.

  • Ability to create complex features that would otherwise be very difficult to machine.

Machine Manufacturing: Features
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